Outdoor Ethos

“No such thing as bad weather……”

At Little Beehive Nursery we identify that the great outdoors is a rich learning environment for children which complements and extends the nursery indoor environment. 

Outdoors is not only nature but also community.

All of our nurseries have outdoor space attached which allows the children to access the outdoors on a daily basis.  We also have community partnerships with other businesses in the local area to help and support them in developing their garden areas.

The nurseries will have an “allotment” area to allow the children to grow flowers and vegetables.

Our motto “Learning Through Play” extends to outdoor activities which include:

Young Explorers

This is our “forest school” programme that allows children to spend time exploring and playing in a local forest.  Our Young Explorers are pre-school children who will visit the forest area for, typically, half a day a week during school term time where they will explore, build, investigate and have fun in a forested environment.  Staff are trained in providing a safe, secure and educational forest activity.

Outdoor Learning

We have established our own Outdoor Learning programme.  Every season for 6 to 8 weeks the nursery will be supported by the nursery gardener, along with the staff, in delivering a structured outdoor learning programme that takes the children from planting the seed to eating (or selling!!) the produce.

Local Community

It is part of the nursery ethos to be part of the local community.  The learning the children achieve when visiting a bank or shop is invaluable and covers many of the core curriculum areas including mathematics, social and literacy.  The staff and children will make regular trips into the town to the bank, shops, library, park and nature trails.