If you have a query please do not hesitate to contact the nursery direct or Head Office (01334) 208166


Do you operate a Crèche?

No we are a nursery and children attending must go through a registration process – we do not offer a service whereby an unregistered child can attend for a few hours at short notice.

Do I have to have regular sessions booked to attend?

No you can register as an Ad-Hoc attender which means that you can book sessions up to 2 weeks in advance subject to availability.

I would like my child to attend the local authority nursery school but I need more childcare than they can offer – can you help?

Yes we offer a wrap-around care service which means that we can drop-off/pickup your child from the local authority school.  Check with the nursery to confirm what schools and sessions they can offer.

Can I pay my nursery using childcare vouchers?

Yes, the nursery is registered to accept all major childcare voucher providers.

My child is entitled to Free Entitlement childcare of 15hrs 50mins per week – can my child attend the nursery and there will be no charge?

Yes.  Our nurseries offer set sessions that are fully funded.  If you wish to book another session type other than the fully funded there will be a cost to the parent\carer to cover the difference in costs between the Free Entitlement and the nursery session fee.